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Just as the expert marksman spends years — and even decades — sharpening his or her skills behind the scope, our Video Production team has spent countless hours behind the lens learning to frame the perfect shots. And once those shots hit the mark, our team is adept at placing and polishing the powerful video footage that results so that it has the maximum effect on the target audience.

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Script Development

Once an idea for a marketing video has been established, developing a well-written script — which serves as a blueprint for the video’s action and overarching goal — is a critical first step to creating a highly effective finished asset. And at TBA Outdoors, our writers have a wealth of experience developing scripts that resonate with outdoor audiences.


Responsible for shaping and driving the vision of a video, a director transforms the written script into on-screen images. In doing so, he or she dictates what camera angles are used, decides how lighting is employed and guides any actors’ performances — all crucial elements in achieving the desired creative end product. We have 100% in-house production capabilities that include directors as well to bring your video to life.

Our directors at TBA Outdoors have an unwavering focus on communication. This can involve coordinating with a large team, including the talent, cinematographers, production designers, and many others, to ensure everyone is working towards the same vision. They guide the actors on how to behave naturally and interact organically, ensuring that the lifestyle being portrayed feels authentic and not staged.


Production management is the hub of a film or video project. Just as any successful project requires countless specialists monitoring various aspects, production management is about coordinating different departments and ensuring that all systems and logistics work together flawlessly. Our TBA Outdoors Production Managers are experienced in coordinating different aspects of production, from human resources and equipment to timelines and budgets, ensuring a seamless transition between pre-production, production, and post-production stages.


As most of us are well aware, music has the power to move us, instantly setting a mood and stirring emotion. It’s also a cornerstone of memory-making and memory recall. And of course, all of these are desirable for brands looking to make lasting impressions on consumers — making music selection a powerful way to up marketing campaigns’ impact. At TBA Outdoors, we can craft a custom music score or source that perfect track or series of tracks to nail the tone for your content. 

filming & Cinematography

As the artistic powerhouse behind any film or video production, cinematography is the creative vision applied to the scenes and needs of your video. The scene is set, the drama unfolds, and at the helm, the cinematographer orchestrates the symphony of light, lens, and frames to narrate a compelling story.

The art of cinematography envelops multiple facets. It’s not just about capturing images; it’s about shaping them—creating a visual language that strikes an emotional chord with the viewer. This endeavor includes understanding the technical aspects of lenses and lighting, the strategic use of camera angles and movements, and the thoughtful manipulation of depth of field and focus.

It’s the cinematographer’s task to mold the visual field, carefully placing objects and characters in the scene to propel the narrative— a carefully choreographed machine in the realm of lights and shadows. Consider luminance as the fuel that propels the visuals, lighting the stage for the drama to ensue. From low-key lighting that creates dramatic contrasts to high-key lighting that reduces harsh shadows, every choice is a careful calculation.

The precision doesn’t end here. Color grading is an equally important component—bending the raw light and enhancing the scene’s emotional impact. Every hue, saturation, and luminance curve plays into the audience’s psychological perception, influencing their emotions and attention, subtly shaping the narrative without uttering a single word.


Editing stands as the critical juncture between raw footage and a polished, compelling narrative. The editor’s role is to map the trajectory of the story, guiding it deftly through the story of the video content.

The editing process begins with the assembly of raw footage. This includes organizing and reviewing all video and audio recordings, identifying the best takes, and putting them together in a rough cut. Editors, like mission controllers, must have a clear understanding of the story they’re shaping and an eye for detail.

The next step is fine-cutting, which is more nuanced, involving precision. The editor trims and rearranges shots, perfecting the pacing and rhythm, maintaining continuity, and ensuring smooth transitions between scenes. The editor works with dialogue, sound effects, and music, combining them seamlessly to enhance the narrative and evoke the desired emotional responses.

In the end, editing is a complex dance of creativity and technical skill. It is the invisible force that navigates the narrative, subtly guiding the audience through the story.


Serving as the final stage in the process of creating a world-class marketing video, post-production puts the finishing touches on the content generated during filming — and is capable of turning good content into great content. TBA Outdoors’ post-production team includes professional editors, sound engineers, multimedia designers and more.


Adding a voiceover to your content is not only a way to make it more compelling, engaging and memorable for audiences — it has also been proven to deliver a performance boost. Just a few of the KPIs that professional narration can lift for your content include brand recall rate, views, completion rate, clickthrough rate and social media shares.

short- and long-form videos

Whether your outdoor brand needs a quick piece of content to highlight one of its offerings on social media or a much lengthier production such as a webinar, explainer video, sizzle reel, documentary or brand film, TBA Outdoors’ videography team can cover all your pre-production, production and post-production needs — from the initial concept to the final frame.

Training videos

Whether for employee onboarding, skills development, adapting to evolving workplace procedures or any other educational endeavor your outdoor brand may need to undertake, TBA Outdoors’ team can create educational training videos that offer a great way to get all of the team on the same page, all while reinforcing and advancing your company culture. 

Special Effects

Our TBA Outdoors VFX artists blend live-action footage and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create realistic, visually stunning scenes that would be too dangerous, expensive, or impossible to capture on film. 

The VFX process begins with pre-production. This stage involves planning the VFX shots, discussing the feasibility of ideas, and determining the required resources.

Next is the shooting phase, where VFX supervisors ensure the right elements are captured on set for seamless integration with CGI later.

Post-production is where the actual VFX work happens. Artists use software to create and integrate 3D models, simulate real-world physics, and manipulate lighting and colors. Techniques like compositing, rotoscoping, and matte painting are employed to blend CGI with live footage seamlessly.

Quality control, like refining the digital image for clarity and color balance, ensures the final result meets the required standards and contributes effectively to the story

2D animation

In 2D animation, stories come alive on a flat plane, moving in height and width, yet brimming with depth and dynamics.

2D animation is a time-honored craft that requires creativity, technical skill, and a deep understanding of motion and timing. It begins with a concept and a script. Then after approval, storyboarding is the next step, a process where each frame represents a particular scene or shot, illustrating the actions, camera angles, and timing.

The character and environment designs come next, defining the look and feel of the animation. The designs are then rigged, assigning a skeleton of sorts that enables movement.

The animation stage is where the magic happens. Animators manipulate the designs frame by frame, bringing them to life through movement. This process, much like navigating a spacecraft through the cosmos, requires precision and a keen understanding of physics and timing.

Finally, the animated sequences are rendered into a final video format. Sound effects, music, and voice-overs are integrated, and any final touches are applied.

2D animation is an art form that enables stories to transcend the confines of reality, drawing viewers into worlds where anything can happen.

3D Animation

3D animation bridges the gap between 2D artistry and real-world dynamics, creating an immersive visual experience.

3D animation begins with modeling, the process of creating 3D objects within a digital environment. Animators then use digital models to represent characters, props, and environments.

Next comes rigging, the process of creating a digital skeleton for the 3D model. The digital skeleton and the animation of it is the part of the process that helps create realistic and authentic movement. 

Animators use a system of keyframes to specify how models move and react. Then lighting and texturing follow, adding the final touches to the 3D scene. Lighting helps set the mood, the look and feel of a scene while texturing adds the final realistic “skins” to make 3D objects really come to life. Finally, rendering transforms the animated, lit, and textured 3D scene into a 2D image or video sequence.

Overall, 3D animation is a dance of art and technology, where three-dimensional worlds come alive, captivating audiences with their depth, dynamism, and detail.

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