June 2023 Field Notes

June 2023

Edition 24 – June Edition

When writing for your outdoor brand’s website, tending to the basics like your grammar, punctuation and spelling is always important. But for your content to truly shine with the search engines and draw as much traffic as possible, a familiar three-letter acronym is also critical: SEO. Check out our latest blog article to get the 411 on writing with search engine optimization in mind.
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Field Notes April

May 2023

Edition 23 – May Edition

For any outdoor brand, one of the biggest keys to maximizing revenue and profitability is ensuring that the consumer’s path to purchase is as refined and polished as possible. Check out our “Creating the Perfect Path to Purchase” blog article for five powerful focus areas that can help your brand hone its path to purchase and set itself apart from the competition.
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Field Notes February

February 2023

Edition 22 – February Edition

Where did the year go?

As we all kick off our new business goals and initiatives for 2023, it is always important to take a minute and reflect on the success of the previous year. How do we use that success as a foundation for the year in front of us? I think that many brands try to reinvent the wheel every year and forget what got them to this point…
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Field Notes

December 2022

Edition 21 – December Edition

Where did the year go?

It is hard to believe 2022 is coming to an end and business continues to move at a record pace. This year has been full of challenges for our teams and I would have to say, despite the crazy economic conditions, it has been a successful year. We have added so many great brand partners this year, and we are excited about the new year ahead. We would like to once again thank all of our partners for your continued support and trust in our teams…
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Field Notes November

November 2022

Edition 20 – November Edition

When it comes to attracting new consumers in the digital age, content is king — and it’s most effective when it truly connects with your target audience. In this month’s featured TBAO blog article, we explore six ways to drive an effective content strategy with relevant content that keeps outdoor consumers engaged across a multitude of mediums.
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Field Notes August

August 2022

Edition 19 – August Edition

In an increasingly challenging business landscape, ensuring that your outdoor brand’s marketing campaigns hit the mark is becoming all the more important. And to help make that happen, TBA Outdoors has compiled six tried-and-true tips that can significantly boost every campaign’s odds of achieving.
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Field Notes June

June 2022

Edition 18 – June Edition

Email marketing is already a high-return way to boost an outdoor e-commerce brand’s business. But with these four powerful tips from TBA Outdoors, you can take the ROI on your brand’s email-marketing campaigns even higher.
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Field Notes April 2022

April 2022

Edition 17 – April Edition

TBA Outdoors is proud to announce its new partnership Guy Harvey — a brand well-known throughout the world for its marine-inspired performance and lifestyle apparel. Tasked with amplifying the brand in the outdoor lifestyle and performance arena, we’ll work to grow and support Guy Harvey’s marketing, social, and public relations strategies and efforts.
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Field Notes March 2022

March 2022

Edition 16 – March Edition

Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 10: Digital Strategy
First and foremost, I would like to thank all of our clients for a great year and for their continued partnerships. It is truly an honor to work with you and all your team members. 2022 is off and running at record pace. Can’t believe we are already a month and a half into the new year…
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Field Notes December 2021

December 2021

Edition 15 – December Edition

Behind the Brand Podcast, Episode 10: Digital Strategy
Tune in as host Todd Fuller sits down with our in-house digital strategy guru, Courtney Olbrich. Get tips on how to overcome the challenges of the new iOS issues, ideas for boosting your brand’s ROAS and lots of great tactics for navigating 2022.
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Field Notes December

October 2021

Edition 14 – October Edition

5 Tips for a Painless Purchase Journey
With so many choices available for today’s connected consumers, it’s critical to find ways to set your outdoor brand apart. And among the most powerful ways to do that: smoothing the online purchase journey and adding value to your customer experience.
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Field Notes

July 2021

Edition 13 – July Edition

Behing the Brand, Episode 8: Seizing Influencer Success
Could utilizing influencers help your outdoor brand grow? In the latest episode of our Behind The Brand podcast, host Todd Fuller discusses ways to maximize the impacts of brand ambassadors and influencers with Evan Russell, Pro & Ambassador Program Manager at Costa Sunglasses.
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Field Notes

June 2021

Edition 12 – June Edition

Ready to up your email game? Listen Now.
Email marketing can — and should — drive revenue. Listen as TBA Outdoors Interactive Director, Nick McNeill, joins host Todd Fuller for an in-depth discussion on email marketing.
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Field Notes

March 2021

Edition 11 – March Edition

Ready to make 2021 your best year yet? Get the Tips.
Episode 5 drops now. Listen as Todd Fuller, Scott Brandon and Andy Kovan recap last year’s effects and talk about the opportunities outdoor brands have to find new audiences and new growth in 2021.
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Field Notes December 2020

December 2020

Edition 10 – December Edition

Happy Holidays from TBA Outdoors!
As the year winds down, hopefully you’re watching revenue numbers hitting new records during the holiday sales season. We bust our asses all year to make sure the last 60 days of the year are a huge success for our brands…
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Field Notes

November 2020

Edition 9 – November Edition

The time is here!
The holiday sales season is upon us, and every outdoor brand has been forced to retool its approach to the most lucrative two months of the year! You’ve got one shot at it and 60 days to make it happen, so the pressure is on…
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Field Notes

October 2020

Edition 8 – October Edition

If there was a time when brands needed to add real value to customers’ lives, it is now! Great products and services are very important, but it is the experiences that go above and beyond that will generate loyalty in customers…
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Field Notes

August 2020

Edition 7 – August Edition

What’s next?
To say the current state of affairs for brands is dynamic, is an understatement! In most market segments it is a “week to week” or “day to day” assessment of all marketing efforts. From media campaigns to organic social content, it is a non-stop effort to make sure performance is meeting your goals. However, there is one thing that should remain rock solid and consistent, that is your brand…
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Field Notes

June 2020

Edition 6 – June Edition

Challenging Times … We Got This!
The marketing landscape for many brands in the outdoor industry has done a 180 over the past couple of months. Some have pulled back on their marketing budgets, and many have poured on the gas….
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Field Notes

May 2020

Edition 5 – May Edition

What a challenging few months it has been with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation affecting nearly every aspect of our lives. From working from home and making sure your kids are completing their online schoolwork to finding toilet paper, it has been a trying time for sure…
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Field Notes

April 2020

Edition 4 – April Edition

What a crazy few weeks it has been! With the current COVID-19 pandemic still heading toward its peak in this country, we find ourselves with many challenges — including working from home, kids at home, retail channels closing … and the list goes on and on. However, it’s the new norm for now, and as marketers, we must continue to navigate this new landscape… Continue Reading →

Field Notes

March 2020

Edition 3 – March Edition

Q1 is almost in the books, and this year has presented many challenges for brands. From the effects of politics on paid media to the impacts of the recent coronavirus outbreak, marketing plans and strategies have been changing on a weekly basis… Continue Reading →

Field Notes

December 2019

Edition 2 – December Edition

For most of our clients, we are in the most critical time of year when it comes to revenue. It’s crunch time and e-commerce strategies are in full swing during the holiday sales season. The movement to a Direct to Consumer (DTC)… Continue Reading →

Field Notes

October 2019

Edition 1 – Welcome to Field Notes

Thanks to all-new technologies, evolving marketing channels and unique opportunities for your brand to shine, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in the outdoor industry. Today’s consumers are time-deprived… Continue Reading →


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