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What We Do

​​In our new, digital-driven world, social media presents a wide range of new opportunities to connect directly with customers — but as seen on the waters and in the field, the target can be a fast-moving one, especially considering that the social media landscape is constantly evolving. Our ever-adapting experts can take your brand’s social success well beyond the “Like.”

Platform Development

The TBA Outdoors team will help identify which social media platforms your target audience(s) are engaging with. We’ll design an optimized profile, integrating best practices and setting the channels up for building and engaging a community, all while supporting overarching marketing goals. 

Policy Development

Establishing community guardrails and policies is important so that your audience can feel safe and comfortable interacting with your brand and its community. TBA Outdoors will work with you to articulate what your brand’s social channels are meant for and provide guidelines for page administrators.

Content Development

Creating social-first content is important to the success of many of today’s most popular social media platforms. Our team are experts in creating optimized content by channel and offering guidance on how to engage your brand with trends and platform evolutions.

Fan Acquisition

Social media channel growth isn’t one-size fits all. The team at TBA Outdoors will help identify the right mix of content, cadence, trends and post optimizations that will attract new fans within your target audience to follow and like your page.

Fan Engagement

Calls to action are important to engage your audience in a conversation and secure fan retention. Whether it’s offering a giveaway, entering content or simply asking for feedback, fan engagement is something the TBA Outdoors team is honed in on and maintains as a key priority for brands.

Community Monitoring

Offering a place for your audience to interact with the brand in real-time is important for growth as well as retention. The TBA Outdoors team is monitoring conversations, comments, shares and interactions every day, and making sure your brand stays top of mind.

Reporting & Insights

You can’t improve if you don’t assess previous work or stay informed of industry hot topics. Leveraging our social media management software, our team uses customized reporting features and listening tools, to dig into performance metrics and competitor conversations, to be able to derive insights and key learnings for application on future content. 

Customer Relationship Management

Social commerce is here to stay, which means customer service has gone social. By leveraging our social media management solutions you won’t need to worry about how to handle managing another avenue for customers to leave feedback. Our team at TBA Outdoors will monitor and manage it for you.


Content creation for social media goes beyond graphics and witty comments. Blogs are often an opportunity to storytell in further detail than a social post gives you and is a great way to drive website traffic. Our TBA Outdoors team thinks about blogging as a place to build social posts at scale, usually providing 3-5 pieces of viable social content per blog.

Online Crisis Management

A crisis never happens at a good time and usually takes all-hands-on-deck to navigate. The TBA Outdoors team is here to navigate and streamline messaging for your brands across all channels and platforms, including social. 

Online Reputation Management

The team at TBA Outdoors are experts in what it means to be a leader in the outdoors niche. We know the importance of a brand’s reputation is crucial to the longevity of the business and we take pride in understanding how to build a positive reputation.

Contest Development & Execution

Our TBA Outdoors team thinks outside of the box, and develops and leverages contests as a key marketing tactic on social to help guide fans through the marketing funnel.

Contest / Prize Fulfillment

Whether it’s coordinating the delivery of tangible prizes or organizing a package that includes a trip and multiple partnership items, the TBA Outdoors team will handle the fulfillment process from start to finish.  

short-form content production

Our in-house content creators think about social first when ideating or planning a shoot. They’re constantly on top of the latest trends, and know how to make you feel like you’re living the experience with them. 

Social media activations

Whether it’s a product launch, seasonal moment in time or a program execution, the TBA Outdoors team is experienced at building social activations at all scales. We’ll coordinate your organic social channels and paid social plan to ensure a seamless experience for your target audience that touches the entire marketing funnel. 

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As one of the premiere knife makers in the country, Williams is well known for its custom-made one-of-a-kind knives. In early 2022, Williams engaged us to launch a new production line of knives, primarily for hunting and fishing. In Spring 2023, we added to the collection with an all-new culinary line. All Williams knives are guaranteed for life and we have positioned the brand based on a legacy of memories and adventures leading to solid growth year over year.

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