Heybo is a brand that is rooted in tradition of getting outside and getting after it. We take their passion for that lifestyle and show it to the world.

Strong Visuals, Strong Brand

Heybo taps into the heartbeat of their audience by speaking their language in both action and speech. We travel the country with Heybo staff and their brand ambassadors photographing real hunts and fishing trips to create content for their social channels, website, and catalogs. Authenticity is something that is core to most consumers these days, the Heybo consumer maybe even more so. We help keep their story real.



In 2016, Heybo began to add more technical apparel to their product line and expanding their retail network outside the southeast. These were both “flag in the ground” decisions for their brand. With that, we wanted to give them a fresh face with new branding and logos. This has helped them penetrate new territories and given them a new credibility with their exisiting consumers.

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows are crowded places. We designed this new booth to maximize display space for Heybo’s wide range of apparel. It stands tall enough to be seen from across the room and features their new branding in prominent positions throughout the booth to help create logo mark recognition among show attendees.

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