Heybo is a brand that is rooted in tradition of getting outside and getting after it. We take their passion for that lifestyle and show it to the world.

Strong Visuals, Strong Brand

Heybo taps into the heartbeat of their audience by speaking their language in both action and speech. We travel the country with Heybo staff and their brand ambassadors photographing real hunts and fishing trips to create content for their social channels, website, and catalogs. Authenticity is something that is core to most consumers these days, the Heybo consumer maybe even more so. We help keep their story real.


Heybo wanted a newly designed logo that encompassed the brands ever-growing product line. Heybo’s revitalized logo uses a contemporary color pallet featuring a modern rendering of an uppercased “H” to convey a fashion forward future.


We created these new promo panels for Heybo’s website to show the brand’s lifestyle. It really speaks to the brand’s positioning and overall look and feel.


Brand Video

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