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As every outdoorsman knows, the most successful of hunting and fishing expeditions are backed not only by solid skills, but also by informed, research-based knowledge of current conditions. The same applies in marketing.

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Perception & Awareness

When looking to improve your outdoor brand’s marketplace standing, knowing just how familiar various segments of consumers are with the brand (awareness) and how they feel about it (perception) can serve as an excellent starting point. At TBA Outdoors, we are adept at using research to uncover these insights — and using them to attract new audiences.

Consumer Behavior

By employing research to better understand how consumers behave when making purchase decisions — along with what drives the choices they make when buying products and/or services to satisfy their needs — brands can craft marketing messages that more effectively capture their interest … and ultimately their business.

competitor research

To truly understand your category, find the gaps and opportunities, we can help with a deep dive into your competitive set. Incorporating a variety of research and tools at our disposal, we can create a detailed image of your competitive landscape and help give you the advantage.

product/service viability testing

Launching a new product or service can be an expensive endeavor — and when it isn’t sustainable in the marketplace, taking it there can bring big financial losses. To help outdoor brands determine whether an offering is a market fit, TBA Outdoors’ viability testing can offer insights on the probability of success — at a fraction of the cost of trial and error.

user testing research

To ensure that your brand’s website or app performs as expected in real-world scenarios, TBA Outdoors’ user testing research asks everyday users (rather than tech pros or development specialists) to carry out specific tasks in realistic situations. And by identifying and eliminating any impediments to intuitive use, it helps ensure a user-friendly experience.

Research Planning and Development

For a market research study to achieve maximum impact, the issue at hand must be carefully identified and articulated, then the best approach to implementation must be determined. And with years of experience in market research, TBA Outdoors can help ensure that any study your brand undertakes delivers powerful, decision-driving insights.


Designed to help businesses better grasp how consumers use their products and/or services, ethnographic market research observes study participants in their own environments — typically their homes. As a result, the feedback obtained tends to be more open and honest, often resulting in deeper consumer insights and even brand breakthroughs.

focus groups

When seeking impactful assessments of a brand’s products, services, concepts and/or campaigns, there are no better stakeholders to consult than members of the target audience themselves. At TBA Outdoors, we use highly trained moderators to stage focus groups that evoke thoughtful responses from participants — and lead to actionable insights. 

target audience analysis

The TBA Outdoors team can research various demographics to help determine which audience is the best fit for your outdoor-oriented offerings, along with how this group stacks up against your current targets. Our strong knowledge of audience demographics can help your brand build lasting consumer connections — and set the stage for sales growth.

demographic concentration mapping

Our skilled marketers can show your team how to use mapping technology to uncover insightful characteristics about the consumer population in a specific region or geographic area. TBA Outdoors can then help your company create advertising content designed to engage exactly the types of consumers most likely to buy your products and services. 

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