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The best hunters and fishermen know that, to get better at their craft, they have to build upon tactics that bring success while minimizing (or improving) off-the-mark approaches. The same concept applies to marketing, where informed analytics can make the difference between reaching the summit and standing still.

Website analytics

Website Experience Audits

If your outdoor brand is like most modern businesses, your website is the leading way consumers find and learn about you and your offerings — making it a critical asset. TBA Outdoors’ website experience audits (aka user experience or UX audits) help ensure that your site doesn’t present any hurdles to easy navigation or customer conversions.

digital measurement

Used to track, analyze and better understand the way consumers interact with your outdoor brand’s online assets such as its website and social media channels, TBA Outdoors’ digital measurement capabilities employ business-critical metrics and KPIs to measure the success of your online marketing efforts — and deliver insights that boost conversions.

website data accuracy audits

Today’s businesses invest a lot of time, effort and money into harnessing and using data to facilitate growth. But when that data isn’t accurate, all of those resources can be wasted. With a TBA Outdoors data accuracy audit, though, you can ensure that your outdoor brand’s data is precise, reliable and ready to guide impactful business decisions.

custom automated dashboards

Business-critical data moves in real time — and when your brand can’t harness it quickly, opportunities can slip away. At TBA Outdoors, our custom automated dashboards give your outdoor brand instant visualization of  your most business-critical KPIs, ensuring the kind of in-the-moment performance tracking needed to support swift data-driven decisions.

cross-chanel performance measurement

Our TBA Outdoors cross-channel performance measurement package digs into data and provides insights that aren’t just related to simple performance, but digs further into the data for more detailed accurate insights. Find out what channels, geos, genders and age groups are buying specific products so you can optimize your creative in those areas, generating more efficient conversions.

conversion rate optimization

Attracting consumers to your brand’s website is always a big win — but getting them to consistently convert is the ultimate prize. And whether your campaign’s desired action is to have site visitors make a purchase, fill their cart, complete a form or follow a link, TBA Outdoors’ conversion rate optimization services can help you make it happen more.

A/B, Multivariate, Split URL Testing

In most cases, there are many ways to reach your goals — but some simply work better than others. Fortunately, when pursuing your brand’s ideal online outcomes, A/B testing (aka multivariate or split testing) can give you objective, data-driven answers to which solutions work best … so you can always pick the ones that pack the most punch. 

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