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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

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As one of only 24 certified Brand Strategist agencies in the nation, TBA Outdoors can offer unique, research-based insights to help ensure your brand message hits the mark with outdoors-obsessed consumers.

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Convergence is our turnkey brand strategy process that incorporates many of the services below. It starts with a deep dive into your brand, continues with an in- depth competitive analysis and rigorous research to gain detailed understanding of your consumers (or customers). The process results in a clear view of your brand’s purpose, positioning, and new, actionable insights into your consumers.

Brand Discovery and Immersion

During discovery, we take a deep dive into researching your brand to understand the unique value it offers, along with the current state of the marketplace and your competitive standing. And by fully immersing ourselves into your brand’s world, we uncover your specific challenges  — and how they can be overcome.

Brand Strategy and Development

By devising and implementing a detailed plan for achieving your brand’s long-term goals, our brand strategy and development process creates a road map to securing success and creating/maintaining a positive brand perception among consumers.

Brand Positioning

By developing a solid understanding of the brand and product attributes your target audience values most, we help ensure that your outdoor brand holds an advantageous position in the marketplace and is top of mind with your target audience.

Segmentation and customer persona development

We work to enhance your understanding of your customers, often through new research, and help to define customer segments and/or detailed customer personas that will help hone and target your marketing efforts, from messaging to media channels. This helps your outdoor brand reach the right customers with the right message at the right time. 

competitive marketing intelligence

To lead in the marketplace, keeping a close eye on your competitors is critical — as you can’t stay a step ahead without knowing where they stand. TBA Outdoors’ competitive marketing intelligence can help your brand better gather, analyze and utilize data on your competitors’ offerings, messaging and tactics, then seize the opportunities to surpass them.

Corporate Identity Planning

Encompassing a broad range of brand characteristics, identifiers and assets, your corporate identity defines who you are and what your customers can expect you to deliver. And by carefully considering all of these elements, we help ensure they work together to put you on a path to success.


An essential part of your brand identity, your brand name serves as a leading identifier of your company for consumers — offering an opportunity to resonate and stand out at every touchpoint. We can help ensure that your company (or product/service) name is original, memorable, authentic and enduring.

Guy Harvey

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Not many people knew at the time, but a portion of the proceeds for Guy Harvey’s apparel and art work goes to ocean conservation. We helped freshen the Guy Harvey brand, their website, their advertising and crafted a new tagline that summarizes their objective of protecting our oceans with our idea – Turn the Tides.

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