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Strategic Marketing & Planning

Strategic Marketing & Planning

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The most seasoned of outdoors enthusiasts know that it’s crucial to ascertain the lay of the land before beginning any worthwhile trek, and the same is true in business. Our Strategic Marketing & Planning team can provide the compass that leads the way to brand success.

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SWOT Analysis

By outlining your outdoor brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats via a SWOT analysis, you can develop a better understanding and awareness of your business’s position in the marketplace — and use these valuable insights to guide your decisions and  improve your standing vs. the competition moving forward.

Situation Analysis

By carefully assessing the internal and external factors that impact your outdoor brand and its potential for success — also known as performing a situational analysis — you can better inform the decision-making process when your company pursues any major new endeavor, such as a marketing campaign, business initiative or growth strategy.

Competitive Analysis

By regularly performing competitive analyses — in which you carefully examine your marketplace competitors, their tactics, their successes and failures, etc. — your outdoor brand can identify opportunities to fill gaps in the marketplace, launch timely promotions, adjust your sales strategies … and ultimately outmaneuver your biggest business rivals.

Target Audience Profiles

After collecting data about your consumers, using audience profiling to segment your current and potential future customers based on their characteristics, preferences and behaviors can help your outdoor brand create a more personalized experience for each group with optimized messaging — and move prospects farther along the path to purchase.

Challenge Identification

For your outdoor brand to successfully overcome its challenges in the marketplace, it must first have a firm grasp of just what those challenges are and what’s causing them. TBA Outdoors’ challenge identification process can help you clearly pinpoint any hurdles to achievement, while outlining winning strategies for vanquishing them.

Marketing Strategy

Rarely do businesses reach the market heights they hope for without first putting a solid plan in place. And hinging upon critical elements such as your value proposition, target consumer profiles, key brand messaging and marketing mix, a well-thought-out marketing strategy serves as a road map to reaching your loftiest marketing objectives.

Tactical Development

Once a marketing strategy is in place — with business objectives clearly outlined and the tools that will be leveraged to accomplish them identified — developing a tactical marketing strategy can help your outdoor brand pinpoint and plan out the specific actions you’ll take and tactics you’ll employ to reach your overarching goals, step by step. 

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