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Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying

What We Do

When preparing for any outdoor expedition, having high-quality, proven gear is critical — and knowing which offerings are the best can go a long way toward ensuring success. The same can be said for media planning & buying.

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media Research

At TBA Outdoors, we use detailed research across multiple platforms to determine where your target audience is consuming the most content, allowing us to place your ads in a target-rich environment and minimize waste of ad dollars.

media planning

Our media team tailors our comprehensive media plans to best serve each individual client’s situation and goals. Further, TBA Outdoors’ custom-designed media plans employ digital media, paid social media, paid search and traditional media to achieve the most efficient, effective means to speak to and motivate each client’s audience.

media buying

All of our media is bought in-house, and our tenured media buyers know how to negotiate the best costs for our clients. From negotiating down price to getting the most added-value, our team is always working hard for our clients, ensuring there is minimal waste of advertising dollars, monitoring performance and making real-time optimizations. 

digital media tactics

The TBA Outdoors media department is digital-first, and has extensive experience with buying and placingOTT, Video Pre-Roll, Digital Audio/Podcasts, Native and Third Party Emails for clients of all verticals in the outdoor space.

paid social media tractics

The TBA Outdoors media team prides itself on being up to date with not only all paid social platforms, but how they can work at every area of consumer exposure, from initial awareness through to conversion. Platforms currently being utilized by the team include Meta, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Snapchat, NextDoor, Etsy and more.

traditional media tactics

Our media team can place traditional media across all tactics, budget dependent. These opportunities include TV/Cable, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Out Of Home. Display, Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Instacart, Target Roundel, Google, Bing, YouTube and all emerging platforms. 

paid media optimization

The TBA Outdoors media team is in all paid media platforms daily, keeping track of pacing and optimizing by creative, audience, campaign type and tactic type, updating campaigns and providing feedback to account services on more efficient ways to spend their ad dollars.

paid media reporting

The TBA Outdoors media team provides thoughtful weekly and monthly reporting on all campaigns, showing performance wins, optimizations made since previous reporting, best-performing creative and onsite metrics so our clients are always in the loop on performance.

paid search

Many marketers consider paid search, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), to be among the most effective forms of digital advertising. TBA Outdoors can help your company launch a successful first PPC campaign or, by leveraging research and data, elevate the results of your existing ones.

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