By the numbers, frogg toggs is one of the largest rainwear providers in the U.S., with an especially strong following in the bass fishing community. We have helped them build a narrative that drives awareness to the quality of their gear as well as educating the consumer about their other product lines. From eComm, to branding, to trade show booth design, we have helped elevate the frogg toggs brand to new levels of credibility.


frogg toggs is one of the most widely used brands in the rainwear space, however the majority of their exposure was limited to a select few products. We created a nationwide photography campaign utilizing their new and innovative products, highlighting function and design in authentic use situations. The results have been incredible, with measurable improvements in brand recognition and perception.


Pro Staff & Influencer Management

frogg toggs has an extensive pro staff network of professional anglers and hunters. We help leverage their credibility to make the brand position stronger and involve them in new product development, photoshoots, and consumer experiences. We have also helped frogg toggs build a large influencer team to build brand awareness and grow their reach on various social outlets.


frogg toggs has a lot of SKUs and a wide product distribution and sales network. We completely redesigned their packaging and in store display from hang tags to boxes to help their products cut through the noise on a crowded retail floor. Creating modern lock-ups for each product has really helped distinguish them from their competitors.

Trade Show Design

We designed a completely new trade show booth for frogg toggs in 2018. Using strong visuals from our photographers on the exterior walls brought more people into the booth than ever before at iCast in 2018. The interior floor plan is maximized for displaying their gear while still leaving space for a private meeting room.

Print Ads

Based on our research, the frogg toggs cosumer is an active reader of outdoor publications, so print is most certainly not dead for this client. We create attention grabbing images and copy like this to catch eyeballs in Dr. office waiting rooms and grocery check out lines.