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Public Relations

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Just as hunting and fishing require a strong working knowledge of the local landscape or local waters, the most successful of PR campaigns are dependent upon a keen awareness of the media landscape. They can also require casting a wide editorial net to catch as much coverage as possible. Our media-savvy PR team can take the reins.

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media placement

At TBA Outdoors, we have and are continually building relationships with editors, writers, bloggers and journalists. We share authentic messages with these members of the media and understand their needs so that we can most effectively place the appropriate products in front of consumers in both mainstream and niche outlets.

crisis management

It’s rare that a crisis happens when expected. The TBA Outdoors team has the capabilities to help your brand create a crisis management plan. Additionally, we are also prepared to assist in deploying the plan should the need ever arise.

product launches

Whether it’s a new boat model or expanding an existing line of apparel the team at TBA Outdoors are experts in working with emerging and heritage brands looking to bring new products to the market. 


Creating effective and original copy is essential for every brand. Our team consists of expert copywriters who are masters of writing convincing and persuasive content urging readers to ‘take action’ thus generating conversions and sales.  

editorial pitch calendars

Knowing when to pitch is just as important as the pitch itself. Understanding and staying on top of editorial calendars is essential to creating effective media placement opportunities. Our team is poised for both.

experiential events (FAM TOURS)

From press trips to store openings to corporate events, TBA Outdoors is well versed in creating and implementing immersive experiences that drive brand diversity and name recognition. When well executed, these events can create branded content, social posts, images and video that can provide ongoing results.

trade show support

When implemented correctly, trade shows are a great way to foster long-term relationships in your industry, display your product or service and  interact with potential customers. Whether you’re veterans or novices to the trade show scene, the team at TBA Outdoors can create a plan for booth design, leverage media appointments and provide pre-show outreach and ongoing followup support after the event.

Media Training

Don’t shy away from interview opportunities. Our team is adept off and on-camera and we have the skills to make you a more effective media spokesperson for your brand.

product seeding

When bringing a new product to market, getting samples in the hands of writers, editors and influencers is key to an effective launch to create early buzz. TBA Outdoors has worked effectively with numerous brands to place new products in the hands of the right individuals to ensure a successful campaign.

influencer management

From macro to micro, our network of influencers includes world renowned anglers to notable outdoor icons. Our goal is to create genuine partnerships between creators and brands to build an engaged audience, tell a story and become long-lasting advocates over just transactional relationships. 

gift guides

Regardless of broadcast, digital or print, knowing the timeline for possible inclusion in different gift guides is essential. Our team consistently communicates with editors, writers and other journalists to stay abreast of these varying timelines.

Media events (press coverences)

At TBA Outdoors, our philosophy is simple – we cater our approach to the desired outcome. A press conference can pay huge dividends with preparation, attention to detail and garnering the right audience.

press releases

A press release is more than an announcement, but rather, it’s the catalyst for reaching a larger audience. Our team of PR professionals at TBA Outdoors are experts at storytelling and crafting the right message to capture the attention of key media. 

press kits

A properly prepared press kit, or digital press kit, contains all of the resources and information that writers, reporters and editors need to learn more about a product or an entire brand. Our team can create an exacting kit that highlights your competitive advantages.


As media continues to evolve, our team leverages all aspects of the market. Podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity and we utilize our connections to place you and your brand in front of a potentially new audience. 

blog posts

Creating effective content is essential for building an engaged audience. Our TBA Outdoors team is made up of former writers and journalists that can help curate effective storytelling that drives website traffic.

freelance writing (creative content)

If your brand is looking for original content or a bylined article for a consumer or trade publication, our team of experienced writers can deliver quality content every time across an array of topics. Leveraging our expertise in the outdoor, hunting, fishing and beyond, we can create compelling stories that get attention for your brand. 

press monitoring & reporting

TBA Outdoors utilizes the latest technology for monitoring press coverage and hits across television, radio, print and digital media. We provide comprehensive reporting along with weekly status updates so you are consistently in the loop.

strategic planning

Creating the plan is equally essential as the implementation. We are experts at developing comprehensive PR plans that consider all facets of the brand’s goals and objectives.

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