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What's next?

To say the current state of affairs for brands is dynamic, is an understatement! In most market segments it is a "week to week" or "day to day" assessment of all marketing efforts. From media campaigns to organic social content, it is a non-stop effort to make sure performance is meeting your goals. However, there is one thing that should remain rock solid and consistent, that is your brand.

With all the changes in this world due to COVID-19, especially consumer behavior, you have to ask yourself, what is the market perception of our brand? Are we really focused on what makes our brand different and stand out from the competition? If there is any time to invest in research and brand development, now is the time!

Making it clear to consumers, what your brand stands for is more important than ever. It seems the most brands concentrate on their products, features and benefits, which is great, but what means the most to consumers, is that connection factor! Consumers want to know that you understand them and get it!

So, stop making assumptions about your customers, your products and the market. Get the facts! I guarantee you will be enlightened with the outcome of this process!

All the best,
Todd Fuller


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