Here at TBA Outdoors, we are a band of marketing brothers and sisters who are fully immersed in the outdoors. We don’t just work outside, we live outside. We believe we have a unique advantage. As a subsidiary of The Brandon Agency, we possess the niche category experience and insights that you are looking for with all of the horsepower and tools of a “big agency.” Join us as we share our passion for the outdoors, our clients, and TBA Outdoors vision for connecting outdoor brands with their tribe.

Listen to Episode 4 – TBA Outdoors podcast host, Todd Fuller, talks with FIREDISC® co-founders Hunter and Griff Jaggard about the 10 year anniversary of the brand. Fire it Up and enjoy the story!

Listen to Episode 3 – TBA Outdoors podcast host, Todd Fuller, talks with Surf Expo category manager Kenneth Andres about the history of Surf Expo and current platform for growth it offers manufacturers, retailers and the media.

Listen to Episode 2 – TBA Outdoors podcast host, Todd Fuller, talks with outdoor industry professionals, Kenneth Andres, Ben Greenwood, Glenn Law, Kevin Michael and Matt Dvorak about the latest trends in the water sports/paddle sports/fishing/surf lifestyle.

Listen to Episode 1 – In The Beginning, CEO Scott Brandon, Todd Fuller, and Andy Kovan introduce TBA Outdoors and the new podcast.