TBA Outdoors Podcast


Here at TBA Outdoors, we are a band of marketing brothers and sisters who are fully immersed in the outdoors. We don’t just work outside, we live outside. We believe we have a unique advantage. As a subsidiary of The Brandon Agency, we possess the niche category experience and insights that you are looking for with all of the horsepower and tools of a “big agency." Join us as we share our passion for the outdoors, our clients, and TBA Outdoors vision for connecting outdoor brands with their tribe.

Listen to Episode 2 - TBA Outdoors podcast host, Todd Fuller, talks with outdoor industry professionals, Kenneth Andres, Ben Greenwood, Glenn Law, Kevin Michael and Matt Dvorak about the latest trends in the water sports/paddle sports/fishing/surf lifestyle.

Listen to Episode 1 - In The Beginning, CEO Scott Brandon, Todd Fuller, Andy Kovan and Frankie Viola III introduce TBA Outdoors and the new podcast.