Hook + Gaff

Hand-assembled by expert watchmakers in the Carolinas, each Hook + Gaff timepiece is meticulously manufactured to be reliable in the most adverse conditions. We take their already excellent product and create a narrative that is core to who they are as a brand and as sportsmen themselves. We aren't mad about all the fishing trips we take for them either. 

Creative Campaign 

After meeting with the team at H+G to determine their message, we went to our designers and gave them a pretty loose playbook. From emails to website to instruction manuals, we built a creative campaign that is clean and functional, just like the watches themselves.



We put watches on the wrists of folks doing cool things across the globe and follow them with a camera. These materials end up in emails, ads, social feeds, and trade show displays. It is some of our favorite work we do. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 5.20.17 PM.png

Social Media Management

We helped H+G come up with a social identity and a targeted plan to grow their audience. We help them craft sponsorship agreements and use influencers to help build brand awareness across multiple platforms and media outlets.