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The Time Is Here!

The holiday sales season is upon us, and every outdoor brand has been forced to retool its approach to the most lucrative two months of the year! You've got one shot at it and 60 days to make it happen, so the pressure is on!

With the pandemic staring us in the face and signs of it flaring back up across the country, it will take every tactic in the book to get your share of wallet and hit your revenue goals. The good news is that there is still time to make some last-minute adjustments to your holiday campaigns and promotions, as well as to knock down any barriers to conversion and optimize your customer's path to purchase.

This is the time that every outdoor brand and marketing agency lives for! You have been working the top of the sales funnel all year — and now it's payday! Get after it and make sure everything is buttoned up for the final push.

Got any questions about how to make this happen? Feel free to reach out anytime!

All the best,
Todd Fuller


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