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What a crazy few weeks it has been! With the current COVID-19 pandemic still heading toward its peak in this country, we find ourselves with many challenges — including working from home, kids at home, retail channels closing … and the list goes on and on. However, it's the new norm for now, and as marketers, we must continue to navigate this new landscape.

Here at TBA Outdoors, our team is busy gathering as much research as possible to understand the changes’ effects on consumer behavior, and we are quickly executing new marketing strategies to help our clients compete and win. Now more than ever, brands must be empathetic, nimble, authentic and innovative, and must continue delivering real value for their customers. These are unprecedented times, and they call for an unprecedented approach to the market!

We wish all of you the best in the coming months — and if you need any assistance with your business challenges, please feel free to reach out.

Stay safe and healthy!

All the best,
Todd Fuller


We’ve heard several repetitive phrases over the last few weeks; “Time of uncertainty,” “trying times,” “global pandemic.” These phrases roll off our tongues without hesitation due to the breadth of COVID-19. There is no precedence for this virus. No case study to reference. No prior experience that could have truly prepped any of us in our field to proactively respond to the situation in which we are currently living.


Millions of Americans are adjusting to their new “norm” due to the pandemic crisis. To deal with the solitude, they are turning to media to fill their time and ease their qualms. And, they are not just turning to one source to bide some time with and catch the latest update, but television, cable, streaming services and radio all have seen large increases of media consumption over the last few weeks.


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