Welcome to TBA Outdoors / by Kirby Groome

We would rather be outside. We might as well just admit that up front.

We all have had jobs at some point or another that kept us inside; we didn't like that. Some of us have had jobs that kept us outside, but not the fun kind of outside. We didn't like that either. At some point in all of our lives, we just decided to change course and start navigating towards a life and career that we actually wanted to live. Years of persistence, willpower, sweat and networking later, here we are together, a group of folks with the same passion, living and working (for the most part) outside.

TBA Outdoors is a subsidiary of The Brandon Agency, they are our big brother so-to-speak. Scott Brandon is our leader and it was his scheming and his effort that devised this whole thing. He's a crack business mind and as sharp as they come in the marketing world. He has five critters in the Pope & Young book too, which is maybe one of the more obscure qualifying statistics for his being in charge, but what that actually means is that he lives the life that we help brands sell. The rest of us do as well. That authenticity cannot be understated.

We do a lot of things here to help outdoor brands grow and succeed. We'll talk more about that soon, but for now, we just wanted to say hello.

Cheers to life that is fun and business that is successful.